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Educator Announcement.

SoCal Pianos - Expression through Education Program

I am excited to announce the launch of our Institutional Division. Aer twenty years as “The Piano Warehouse” we outgrew our name and became “SoCal Pianos.” A priority and focus of SoCal Pianos is to empower musical expression through supporting educators in our market areas. The educational and health benefits of music have been well documented. Unfortunately with budgets stretched and slashed in the school system, well-funded music education is a thing of the past.

As a responsible merchant we are part of the solution to perpetuate music in our schools and churches. The “Expression through Education Program” is on the ground floor. We’re starting in the elementary schools and churches where music appreciation many times begins. Our inaugural promotion “SoCal‘s FREE Piano Teaching System Giveaway” sets out to provide instruments for small group learning environments, allowing your community to experience the joy and benefits of music.

Please reference the insert I’ve enclosed with this letter for details on how to enter the contest. We will award the most passionate and deserving contestants fine instruments to learn with. These keyboard instruments will positively change the lives of countless youth as they enrich themselves by learning to play music. I am proud to have been in business for over twenty years and as a passionate supporter of music education I resolve to be your partner in this endeavor to keep music education vital.


Best Regards,

Dennis James